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Flow Forming wheels GTP 072

The flowforming construction is one of the latest advanced wheels manufacturing technologies in the wheel industry.

The FlowForm Series is created to pursue the balance between rigidity, strength, and lightweight by applying this technology into the wheels manufacturing process.

This technology changed the process by applying high pressure to the inner barrel of the wheel while spinning and after it has been cast under high temperature.

The outcome is outstanding – lower cost than Forging, but more rigid and lighter than Casting.

About us

High quality wheels for cars.

More than 10 years of experience in the wheel business.

The biggerst part of our collection of wheels are with Tüv.

Goal of GTP Wheels is to cooperate with distributors, wholesalers, pure B2B.


GTP 083 19X8.5 5X112 ET45 Flow Forming

Very strong

Very light

Low imbalance


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